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How Do I For Teachers / How Do I Copy Grades From Another Assignment?
« Last post by TimDaniel on November 14, 2021, 11:39:44 PM »
It is possible to copy grades between assignments in the same class.  To copy grades from another assignment, select the Fill button below the assignment you want to copy grades to:

After pressing the Fill Button, the following screen is presented:

Once the Fill from Assignment checkbox is clicked, the assignment dropdown will appear:

Use the dropdown box to select the assignment to be copied from and press the button.

The user will be asked to confirm that they want to copy the grades. 

Note that when grades are copied between assignments, by default only empty grades will be filled in.  If there are grades present they will not be overwritten. 

If the user wants to overwrite the existing grades, unclick the "Fill only empty grades" checkbox on the Fill Column page.

What's New? / Assignment-Level Control of Student Self-Assessment for Rubrics
« Last post by TimDaniel on October 10, 2021, 12:20:20 AM »
A new checkbox has been added to the assignment entry display that enables student self-assessment using rubrics.  Prior to this, self-assessment was enabled by default. 

The assignment entry display looks as follows after the change:

Self-assessment by students is now automatically disabled unless the checkbox is clicked.

Note that teachers can also disable rubric self-assessment for an individual student on the rubric marking screen shown below by clicking the "Disable Further Student Self-Assessment" box.  These screens are accessed by clicking the "Enter" buttons on the gradebook beside the student names or under the assignment names.

What's New? / New Built-In Performance Scale Added (Pro Users Only)
« Last post by TimDaniel on March 09, 2021, 09:21:52 PM »
The new performance scale from the British Columbia Draft K-9 Student Reporting Policy has now been added to Simplegradebook as a built-in performance scale.

The new scale is called BC Standard (2019) and uses the following wording:


You can use the new built-in performance scale for your class by selecting it in your class settings:

To get to class settings, open the class and click the gear icon in the top right corner.  Or, click the button on the main classes page.

There is no need to change anything in current or archived classes.  However, if you wish to use the new scale in current or archived classes, just change to the new scale in the class settings.

Note: the older BC performance scale has been renamed to BC Legacy

FAQ / Remove the Page Numbers and URL on Report Cards
« Last post by TimDaniel on March 06, 2021, 07:28:54 PM »
When printing report cards, the URL and page numbers may show up at the bottom of the page:

To remove these, disable the printing of headers and footers in your browser as follows:

  • Chrome/Brave: When viewing the reports, right click the page and select Print OR click the Menu icon (three hotdogs - ) in the top right corner of the browser then select Print. Uncheck Headers and Footers under the Options section.
  • Firefox:When viewing the reports, click the Menu icon (three hotdogs - )in the top right corner of the browser. Click Print. Uncheck Print Headers and Footers at the bottom of the More Settings section - you may have to scroll down to see it.
  • Edge: When viewing the reports, right click the page and select Print OR click the Menu icon (three dots - ) in the top right corner of the browser then select Print. Uncheck Headers and Footers under the Options section.
  • Internet Explorer: Click the Gear icon in the top right corner of the browser. Place your mouse over Print, then click Page Setup. Change each value under Headers and Footers to -Empty-.  Then generate the reports and print by right clicking on the page and selecting Print.
FAQ / What Do I Do When I Am Not Getting Weekly Reports?
« Last post by TimDaniel on February 20, 2021, 06:21:43 PM »
There may be several causes for this. 

1) The first thing to check is that your notifications are turned on. Go to My Simplegradebook and check that the notification checkboxes are ticked and that notifications have not been paused or turned off:

2) Make sure that you have a current access code in your account.  Log into your Simplegradebook account and check that you can see your classes.  If you don't see your classes when you log in, ask the teacher for a new access code and enter it using the Classes->Add or Edit Classes menu item.

3) If the above does not resolve the problem, please email support at and let us know about the problem.  We can usually resolve any problems quickly.

What's New? / Version 4.4 - Database/PHP Upgrade
« Last post by TimDaniel on December 27, 2020, 06:14:38 PM »
On December 26/27/2020, the database used for Simplegradebook was updated to MariaDB 10.3, and PHP was updated to version 8.  The mail software was upgraded to phpMailer version 6.1.8.  Regression testing of the software changes needed to support the upgrades identified a number of previously undetected issues that were corrected.  At the same time, the administrator user interface for messaging was improved, and some general upgrades to the messaging system were included in the update.
FAQ / I Keep Getting Notifications For a Class From Last Year
« Last post by TimDaniel on December 27, 2020, 01:03:30 PM »
This happens when the teacher has not archived the class at the end of the school term, leaving it active.  There are several solutions to this:

  • Contact the teacher, and ask them to archive the class.
  • Contact the principal, and ask them to archive the class (they can do this with their administrator account)
  • If there are no more classes that you are attending that will be using simplegradebook, log in to your simplegradebook user account, go to My Simplegradebook, and uncheck any notification boxes or click the stop notifications permanently box.  If you have lost your simplegradebook password, just use the password recovery procedure.
  • Contact support at simplegradebook and request assistance (
This can only happen if a student was accidentally given the secret access code from another student - for example, two students with the same name but different student numbers. 

The student can fix this by logging into simplegradebook and selecting "Add or Edit Classes" from the Classes menu.  The student will see something like the following display:

At the bottom, the student can delete the access code that does not apply.  Because the student numbers are part of the access code it should be easy to identify the correct one to delete.
FAQ / How Can Simplegradebook Help With On-line Teaching and Learning?
« Last post by TimDaniel on April 10, 2020, 12:05:57 PM »
There are a variety of ways that Simplegradebook can help with teaching and learning on-line:

1) Communications:  Messaging

Simplegradebook's internal messaging provides two layers of communication - internal messages, and email.  When a message is created in the internal messaging system, recipients are notified in two ways: first, when they log in, they receive a notification at the top of their screen that a message is waiting; second, they receive an email notification of the message with a link they can click on to read it. 

For this to work properly, it is important to make sure all students have a valid email address in their student accounts. A way to ensure this is to send a test message to every student in the class and verify that they are receiving both the simplegradebook internal messages and the emails.  If they are not receiving emails, they should update their email address through MySimplegradebook.

After the recent update, parents and students can now message multiple teachers at once as shown below.  This removes the need to message teachers one at a time. 

Simplegradebook is more secure than just using email, because the actual message text is stored only on Simplegradebook's secure server and is never sent through any email servers - only a link to the secure message is sent.  Users must be able to access their email and click on the link to be able to see the message. 

2) Submitting Student Assignments Through Simplegradebook

The best way to have students upload their work is by having them first post their work to an on-line resource such as google drive, and then copy the share link to their clipboard.  Then, students can paste the link to their work to any assignment through the comments field in their grade details display shown below: 

This also makes marking easier because the gradebook enables teachers to display all the student submissions for a single assignment and grade them one by one.  Clicking the "Enter" button in the gradebook below the assignment name results in the following display:

It is also possible to upload images and video directly to assignments, but use of this feature is limited to small file sizes due to the cost of on-line storage.  The above method is much simpler. 

How Do I For Teachers / How Do I Set Up Categories and Terms (Best Practice)
« Last post by TimDaniel on January 30, 2020, 11:24:06 AM »
Category and Term Setup is done by preference, but here are some suggestions based on extensive classroom experience. 

Simplegradebook allows teachers to set up their classes any way they wish.  There are two levels of hierarchy available: Category and Term.  Term is the highest level of the hierarchy, which means that Categories are subsets of Terms.  Recent pedagogical practice is to report on progress against learning outcomes rather than by category of assessment.   Simplegradebook enables this type of reporting. 

It should be noted that a significant advantage of this method of organizing the class as proposed below is that the report card will automatically report by Topic.  A minor disadvantage is that it won't be possible at the end of the course to view longitudinal performance such as Term 1 vs. Term 2. 

Performance Scale Classes

Performance Scale Classes are best organized by Topic or Unit at the Term level, then Practice and Performance at the Category Level as shown in an example below taken from a Math 9 class.

When creating assignments, make sure that practice assignments are both assigned to the practice category, and have the "Practice Assignment" tickbox checked in the assignment itself to make sure that the aggregation algorithm does not include them in the grade. 

The above organization results in a Report Card that looks like this, and makes the student's progress in each topic very prominent in the report:

Percentage Classes

Percentage Classes are also best organized by Topic.  As these types of classes often include a final exam, an example of the best organization is shown below.  Note that the 80% of the course grade remaining after the final exam is divided evenly by Topic.  This is optional; units can be weighted any way the teacher likes. 
An example of the setup described above is shown below:

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