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Requests for Changes/Enhancements / Ability fo students to view access code.
« Last post by Mileszew on October 16, 2019, 09:06:53 PM »
I think giving students the ability to view there access code is as easy as displaying "accesscode" element along with a few style changes (add  ). If this has already been done then perhaps there could be some text added informing us of that. I know access codes can be obtained via administrators or teachers but for students it would make it easier to share with parents. Thanks for the help.
To work around the loss of the Teacher Widget (that's the one that displayed classes on the front page of MyEd for teachers) do the following:

1) Click on the "Gradebook" tab on the top tabs in MyEd

2) Click on the class you want to export

3) When the class is displayed, click on "Roster" on the left hand tabs.

You will now be in the same display that you had when you clicked on the class the Teacher Widget.  The steps from here are the same as the video - select the simplegradebook field set, export to CSV, open the CSV in Excel, copy and paste the students into simplegradebook.
FAQ / Fix - Two or More Schools in Simplegradebook with the Same Name.
« Last post by TimDaniel on May 16, 2019, 02:17:38 PM »
A common problem is teachers or administrators creating additional schools using the same school name.  This can be fixed by

  • deciding which school is the official one
  • sharing the secret code for that school with all the teachers/administrators
  • making sure that all teachers or administrators join the official school
  • making sure that all teachers or administrators re-assign their classes to the official school through the MySimplegradebook->Schools->Assign Classes to Schools link.

It is helpful if the official school is temporarily renamed something recognizable - for example - "Somewhere High School (Official)" to make re-assigning the classes easier.

If any school is in this position and needs help, please contact simplegradebook at
FAQ / How Do Schools Work in Simplegradebook?
« Last post by TimDaniel on May 16, 2019, 02:09:12 PM »
A simplegradebook school should only be created once for each real-world school.   Any user can create the school.  After the school is created, the user who created it can look in their MySimplegradebook->Schools->View My Schools tab and get the secret code.  The user shares that secret code with other teachers and administrators who want to join.  They create their accounts, then click on MySimplegradebook->Schools->Join School, and enter the secret code.  All their classes and students will then be in the same school and will be able to see their grades.

To summarize the process:

1) One teacher or administrator creates the school
2) That teacher gets the secret code and shares it with other teachers or administrators
3) Other teachers and administrators join the school by using the secret codes.

Sometimes multiple schools will be created.  To fix that problem, read this: What to do if there is more than one school created with the same name.
There are two methods of entering performance scale grades - one for fast entry of grades, and another which allows teachers to see student submissions and enter more detailed assessment or evaluation information. 

Here are the options:

1.  Left click on the grade.  This opens a dialog box allowing teachers to view student submissions and comments, select a grade, and provide written feedback.  The dialog box is shown below.  Note that once the dialog box is open, it isn't necessary to close it before entering grade information for another assignment or student - just click on the grade and the dialog box will automatically switch to the new student or assignment.

2. Right click on the grade. Right-clicking the grade opens a drop-down menu showing the grading options for that grade.  Selecting one of the options is all that is needed to enter the grade. 

This video shows the two methods in action.
How Do I For Teachers / How Do I Create An Individualized Program?
« Last post by TimDaniel on December 02, 2018, 09:55:19 PM »
Individualized programs within a class can easily be created in Simplegradebook. In the gradebook view for the class, select the Assignments top tab and look for "Individualized Programs" as shown below:

The first dialogue allows you to select the student or students to whom the program will apply.  By default, all the students in the class are selected but individual students can be chosen by clicking "None" and then individually selecting the students.  Selecting an individual student or group of students, as shown below, makes it is easier to accurately create the individualized program.

After selecting students and proceeding to the next screen, a table showing the assignments assigned to the student is shown as below.  A checkmark indicates that an assignment is included in the student's program.  Note that if there are categories or terms, the selection of assignments can be further refined at this stage.

Unclick the checkmarks for any assignments which should not apply to these students as shown below.  You can use the All or None buttons to make this process more efficient.

Finally, select "Done". The assignments will no longer be included in the student's programs, and they will appear blank in the gradebook.  These assignments will not appear in reports or be included in any grades.

How Do I For Teachers / How Do I Override a Performance Scale Grade?
« Last post by TimDaniel on December 02, 2018, 08:41:32 PM »
Prior to version 4.4, teachers could only type in a new performance scale level for a student.  As of version 4.4, teachers can now override the grade using a grade slider.  This will affect both the grade progress sliding scale and the text of the grade on the report, automatically filling in the text from the performance scale used for the class.  The grade progress slider will then agree with the performance level chosen by the teacher.

The slider is shown below.  To get to the slider, click the Enter button to the right of the student's name in the gradebook.  Simply move the slider to the desired position reflecting the student's progress.

To revert back to the automatically-determined grade, click the "Stop Overriding Grade" button - the grade and slider will revert back to the position determined by the standard algorithm for determining performance scale grades.

Grades which have been over-ridden show up with a dark grey background in the gradebook display to remind teachers that they have over-ridden the grade.
What's New? / Version 4.4
« Last post by TimDaniel on November 25, 2018, 12:20:19 AM »
Version 4.4 adds the following functionality to Simplegradebook:

  • Individualized Programs - allows teachers to easily exempt assignments for a student, or a group of students. Details can be found here:  Individualized Programs
  • Grade Summary Bar Chart - The slider on student reports for performance scale classes has been replaced with a bar chart. The bar chart provides a visual breakdown of how many tasks were graded at each level of proficiency.  This bar chart replaces the previous "tube of proficiency" that provided the same breakdown, but in a less clear way.  Example:
  • Performance Scale Report in Proficiency Order - Teachers can now have the student reports in performance scale classes ordered by level of proficiency instead of ordered by term and category.  This feature is only accessible through the report printing menu - please note that it is not accessible by clicking on the student name in the gradebook - this will be added later.  It is also not viewable by students or parents yet - this will be added later.
  • Grade Reports - student reports now have the teacher comment near the top instead of below the class notes.  This helps the teacher comment stand out more on the report.  Teacher feedback on individual assignments is now shown directly on the Class Details report that students view when logged in - previously students had to hover over a link to see the comments.
  • Rubric Locks - teachers can now lock a rubric from further student input.  This prevents students from accidentally modifying the rubric after the teacher has marked/finalized the student grade and feedback.
  • Gradebook - the student number is hidden by default to create more screen real estate for marks.  Student numbers can be displayed by unchecking the "Hide Student Number" checkbox at the bottom of the gradebook
  • Overriding Grades in Performance Scale Classes - Previously, it was necessary to type the name of the performance level when over-riding a performance scale grade for an individual student.  The over-ride feature now lets teachers select the performance scales in use for the class from a drop-down list.
  • Bug Fixes - various bug fixes.

Aside from the bug fixes, the new functionality mainly affects Simplegradebook Pro users, and items 2, 3  and 7 only affect performance scale classes.
How Do I For Teachers / How Do I Create Written Feedback in Simplegradebook?
« Last post by TimDaniel on November 09, 2018, 09:35:40 AM »
There are a number of places for providing students with feedback in Simplegradebook.

1) Class Notes - class notes are found in class settings, and appear on every report card.  They are useful for providing contact information for the teacher, for providing general information about the course, and for explaining assessment, such as performance scales.

2) Student Notes - these are found in the gradebook.  They are student-specific notes which appear on the student's report card.  They are intended for teachers to provide comments on progress and next steps for students to take.

3) Assignment Feedback - assignment feedback can be entered by clicking on the "Enter" buttons in the gradebook, or by clicking on the assignment in performance scale classes. 

4) Rubric Feedback - for assignments graded using rubrics (Simplegradebook Pro only) there is a place to enter teacher feedback for each criteria.  Click on Mark with Rubric after using the Enter buttons in the gradebook.

Students can see teacher feedback by looking at their grade details in their classes.  A change was made recently so that the teacher feedback is shown on the report, instead of requiring students to click on a link to see it.  It is still necessary for students to click a link to see rubric feedback.
How Do I For Teachers / How Do I Select The Teacher Name Shown On Reports?
« Last post by TimDaniel on November 07, 2018, 09:33:10 PM »
If there is only one teacher with Full Edit access to a class, that teacher's first and last name will shown on the report cards by default.

If there is more than one teacher with Full Edit access, go to Class Settings to select the Primary Teacher.  The names of all the teachers with Full Edit access will be shown, and the primary teacher selected.  The primary teacher's first and last name will appear on the report cards for that class.
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