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How Do I Create and Use a Rubric?
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There is a link on the Classes menu for creating and editing rubrics. 

Important Things to Know About Simplegradebook Rubrics Before You Start

  • There are two kinds of rubrics in simplegradebook: regular rubrics, and performance scale rubrics. They can be mixed and matched with different types of classes.  For example, you can create a performance scale rubric and use it in a percentage class, and vice-versa.
  • Once a rubric has been used for grading, it can not be changed because that would invalidate the existing grades.  If you want to change a rubric, either make a new one using the old one as a template, or delete all the assignments that use it.  Note that this will also delete the marks, so be careful.  Then you can edit the rubric again.

Regular Rubrics

Regular rubrics have no restriction on the number of rows and columns, except that there must be at least one row and one column - this would be a pretty useless rubric but creating one like this is possible. 

Here is an example of a normal rubric.  Note that you can add as many columns or rows as you like.  The blue arrows allow you to re-order the rows, the small trash bins let you delete cells, and the plus signs allow you to add cells to the end of the row.  You can also modify the value of each cell. 

The points for meeting expectations are used, when this rubric is placed in a performance scale class, to determine if the student work has met expectations.  Note that in this example, the student does not have to get full marks on all criteria to be scored as meeting expectations. 

Performance Scale Rubrics

Performance scale rubrics are restricted to 4 columns, plus an additional column for the criteria.  When they are created, you must choose which performance scale you want to use, and after that, the performance scale will appear across the top of the rubric as shown below.

Note that the standard simplegradebook performance scale grading algorithm is used to determine the grade for this type of rubric:

Exceeds:  Everything meets expectations and at least one criterion exceeds expectations
Meets: Everything meets expectations
Approaching: At least half the criterion are meeting expectations
Not Yet Meeting: less than half the criterion are meeting expectations

Adding Rubrics to Assignments

Rubrics are added to assignments by selecting the rubric name in the New Assignment screen.  When a regular rubric is added, the assignment points are automatically calculated.  Teachers may want to adjust scale factor or total points afterward.

Grading With Rubrics

To grade with a rubric, just use the small Enter button on the gradebook page below the assignment name.  The assignment will open and beside each student will be a "Mark With Rubric" button.  When that button is clicked, the rubric opens.   You can then click the cells in the table to mark the student, and type in any feedback in the cells on the right.  Clicking the cells causes them to turn blue, as shown in the image below. The mark will be automatically tallied and entered in the gradebook.

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