Author Topic: How Do I Copy A Class?  (Read 2436 times)


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How Do I Copy A Class?
« on: February 20, 2017, 12:28:48 AM »
Copying Classes allows you to create a new class using the Settings, Categories, Terms and Assignments from an existing class.  This is convenient if you run the same class repeatedly with the same assignments.

Copying the assignments is optional.  Copying the Categories and Terms in not optional and happens automatically when a class is copied.  If the assignments are copied, they are assigned to the same categories and terms as they were in the original class.

When a class is copied, new categories, terms and assignments are created, so it is safe to delete any of these things in the new class - or even the new class itself - because the old class will not be affected.

Keep in mind that copying the assignments has one major advantage and one drawback.  The advantage is that you don't have to create the assignments in the new class.  The drawback is that those assignments will then appear in the missing task report unless they are hidden.  They can be hidden easily using the assignments spreadsheet, but then you have to remember to unhide them when you use them.

A possible alternative strategy is to create the new class without the assignments, and then import them a bit at a time using the Copy Assignments from Other Classes feature.