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Version 4.3
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:04:25 PM »
Version 4.3 will be implemented in the evening of January 14, 2018.  Version 4.3 adds the following features and fixes:

  • The gradebook is now scrollable with fixed headers and left columns.  The table size is determined by the size of the window the user has open. Additional tooltips have been added to explain what each cell or button does.  If problems are experienced using Chrome, please clear your browser cache.  Instructions are here: Clear Browser Cache in Chrome
  • Teachers can now specify whether or not unmarked tasks (empty grades) and excused tasks are included in missing task reports when they are printed by teachers. The default is that they are NOT included. Missing task reports that are automatically emailed on Fridays to parents and students will still contain the excused and unmarked tasks, though this may be changed in future.
  • [Simplegradebook Pro Only]Teachers now have some control over the automatic determination of performance scale overall grades.  Previously, a student would only receive a grade of "Meeting Expectations" if all the tasks were meeting or exceeding expectations.  Now, teachers can specify a percentage of the tasks which must be meeting expectations in order for the student to receive an overall grade of "Meeting Expectations". This control is provided through an additional field on the class settings page.
  • Buttons have been added to the gradebook to give teachers quick access to class settings and printing report cards for the class.
  • [Simplegradebook Pro Only]A number of bugs have been fixed with PDF reports for performance scale classes - in particular the formatting when the assignment due date is not to be shown.
  • When teachers display an HTML student report card by clicking on their name in the gradebook, they can now switch to the PDF report.  Back buttons have been added to both the html and pdf reports to enable teachers to easily get back to the class.
  • HTML report cards and missing task reports are now paginated - when printed a page break will be added at the end of each student's report card or missing task report.
  • [Simplegradebook Pro Only]When new classes are created, the appropriate fields are displayed based on the type of class selected.  This fixes a previous issue where the category weightings were not shown for percentage classes until the class was saved.
  • [Simplegradebook Pro Only]The teacher dashboard is now working correctly for all the pages where it is accessible.  Please add a bug report if there is a page where it would be convenient to be able to access it.

Note: the upgraded gradebook functionality works best in Chrome.

PLEASE REPORT ANY ISSUES by either submitting a bug report on the forum or by email to:
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