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How Do I Add Assignments?
« on: February 21, 2018, 12:02:07 AM »
You can only enter assignments while displaying the class in the gradebook spreadsheet.  Assignments are then added by hovering the mouse over the Assignments tab in the menu until the New Assignment drop-down appears. 

Percentage Classes

Selecting New Assignment drop-down brings up a display like this:

1. Points/Scale Factor/Total Points

If the class is a percentage class, fields will appear to enable the user to enter the points and total points for the assignment.  If you are using the "weight by points" method of weighting your assignments, use the same number (whatever the maximum score is for the assignment) for both the points and total points.  If you are equally weighting the assignments, fill in 100 in the total points, or some other convenient number which will be consistently used for all your assignments.  The scale factor will be automatically calculated.

Note that scale factor can be conveniently updated to a different value if, for example, you wish an assignment to count double.

There are fields to allow you to select the assigned and due dates, assign the assignment to a category and/or a term, and to copy the assignment to other classes as well.

2. Hidden

Selecting the Hidden checkbox hides the assignment from students and parents. It will still be included in the overall grade.

3. Maximum Number of Uploaded Files (Pro Users Only)

You can allow students to upload files to their assignments. This specifies how many files are allowed for this assignment.

4. Select Rubric

You can select any of your existing rubrics to use for the assignment.

Performance Scale Classes (Pro Users Only)

The display for a new assignment in a performance scale class looks like this: 

Note that for performance scale assignments, teachers can immediately enter the criteria for the performance levels. 

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