Author Topic: How Do I Create Written Feedback in Simplegradebook?  (Read 405 times)


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How Do I Create Written Feedback in Simplegradebook?
« on: November 09, 2018, 09:35:40 AM »
There are a number of places for providing students with feedback in Simplegradebook.

1) Class Notes - class notes are found in class settings, and appear on every report card.  They are useful for providing contact information for the teacher, for providing general information about the course, and for explaining assessment, such as performance scales.

2) Student Notes - these are found in the gradebook.  They are student-specific notes which appear on the student's report card.  They are intended for teachers to provide comments on progress and next steps for students to take.

3) Assignment Feedback - assignment feedback can be entered by clicking on the "Enter" buttons in the gradebook, or by clicking on the assignment in performance scale classes. 

4) Rubric Feedback - for assignments graded using rubrics (Simplegradebook Pro only) there is a place to enter teacher feedback for each criteria.  Click on Mark with Rubric after using the Enter buttons in the gradebook.

Students can see teacher feedback by looking at their grade details in their classes.  A change was made recently so that the teacher feedback is shown on the report, instead of requiring students to click on a link to see it.  It is still necessary for students to click a link to see rubric feedback.