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Version 4.4
« on: November 25, 2018, 12:20:19 AM »
Version 4.4 adds the following functionality to Simplegradebook:

  • Individualized Programs - allows teachers to easily exempt assignments for a student, or a group of students. Details can be found here:  Individualized Programs
  • Grade Summary Bar Chart - The slider on student reports for performance scale classes has been replaced with a bar chart. The bar chart provides a visual breakdown of how many tasks were graded at each level of proficiency.  This bar chart replaces the previous "tube of proficiency" that provided the same breakdown, but in a less clear way.  Example:
  • Performance Scale Report in Proficiency Order - Teachers can now have the student reports in performance scale classes ordered by level of proficiency instead of ordered by term and category.  This feature is only accessible through the report printing menu - please note that it is not accessible by clicking on the student name in the gradebook - this will be added later.  It is also not viewable by students or parents yet - this will be added later.
  • Grade Reports - student reports now have the teacher comment near the top instead of below the class notes.  This helps the teacher comment stand out more on the report.  Teacher feedback on individual assignments is now shown directly on the Class Details report that students view when logged in - previously students had to hover over a link to see the comments.
  • Rubric Locks - teachers can now lock a rubric from further student input.  This prevents students from accidentally modifying the rubric after the teacher has marked/finalized the student grade and feedback.
  • Gradebook - the student number is hidden by default to create more screen real estate for marks.  Student numbers can be displayed by unchecking the "Hide Student Number" checkbox at the bottom of the gradebook
  • Overriding Grades in Performance Scale Classes - Previously, it was necessary to type the name of the performance level when over-riding a performance scale grade for an individual student.  The over-ride feature now lets teachers select the performance scales in use for the class from a drop-down list.
  • Bug Fixes - various bug fixes.

Aside from the bug fixes, the new functionality mainly affects Simplegradebook Pro users, and items 2, 3  and 7 only affect performance scale classes.
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