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« on: February 19, 2018, 12:28:01 AM »
1) It is now possible to turn the tooltips for the grades on and off in the gradebook spreadsheet
2) The students can now be re-ordered in the gradebook by clicking icons on the top of the columns.  There are icons in the name column for ordering by first name, last name or random (scrambled) order. There are icons in the grade column for ordering by ascending or descending grade. 
3) Choosing ascending or descending grade as the student order default in the class settings now functions properly.
4) There is a new checkbox on the bottom of the gradebook, the print format checkbox, that causes the entire list of students to be displayed so that the gradebook can be printed and posted. 
5) The format of the student data entry form has been changed slightly to try to clarify the order that student data should be entered with, and placeholder example text is now shown in the student data entry box.
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