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How Do I Set Up Categories and Terms (Best Practice)
« on: January 30, 2020, 11:24:06 AM »
Category and Term Setup is done by preference, but here are some suggestions based on extensive classroom experience. 

Simplegradebook allows teachers to set up their classes any way they wish.  There are two levels of hierarchy available: Category and Term.  Term is the highest level of the hierarchy, which means that Categories are subsets of Terms.  Recent pedagogical practice is to report on progress against learning outcomes rather than by category of assessment.   Simplegradebook enables this type of reporting. 

It should be noted that a significant advantage of this method of organizing the class as proposed below is that the report card will automatically report by Topic.  A minor disadvantage is that it won't be possible at the end of the course to view longitudinal performance such as Term 1 vs. Term 2. 

Performance Scale Classes

Performance Scale Classes are best organized by Topic or Unit at the Term level, then Practice and Performance at the Category Level as shown in an example below taken from a Math 9 class.

When creating assignments, make sure that practice assignments are both assigned to the practice category, and have the "Practice Assignment" tickbox checked in the assignment itself to make sure that the aggregation algorithm does not include them in the grade. 

The above organization results in a Report Card that looks like this, and makes the student's progress in each topic very prominent in the report:

Percentage Classes

Percentage Classes are also best organized by Topic.  As these types of classes often include a final exam, an example of the best organization is shown below.  Note that the 80% of the course grade remaining after the final exam is divided evenly by Topic.  This is optional; units can be weighted any way the teacher likes. 
An example of the setup described above is shown below:

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