Author Topic: How Can Simplegradebook Help With On-line Teaching and Learning?  (Read 1997 times)


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There are a variety of ways that Simplegradebook can help with teaching and learning on-line:

1) Communications:  Messaging

Simplegradebook's internal messaging provides two layers of communication - internal messages, and email.  When a message is created in the internal messaging system, recipients are notified in two ways: first, when they log in, they receive a notification at the top of their screen that a message is waiting; second, they receive an email notification of the message with a link they can click on to read it. 

For this to work properly, it is important to make sure all students have a valid email address in their student accounts. A way to ensure this is to send a test message to every student in the class and verify that they are receiving both the simplegradebook internal messages and the emails.  If they are not receiving emails, they should update their email address through MySimplegradebook.

After the recent update, parents and students can now message multiple teachers at once as shown below.  This removes the need to message teachers one at a time. 

Simplegradebook is more secure than just using email, because the actual message text is stored only on Simplegradebook's secure server and is never sent through any email servers - only a link to the secure message is sent.  Users must be able to access their email and click on the link to be able to see the message. 

2) Submitting Student Assignments Through Simplegradebook

The best way to have students upload their work is by having them first post their work to an on-line resource such as google drive, and then copy the share link to their clipboard.  Then, students can paste the link to their work to any assignment through the comments field in their grade details display shown below: 

This also makes marking easier because the gradebook enables teachers to display all the student submissions for a single assignment and grade them one by one.  Clicking the "Enter" button in the gradebook below the assignment name results in the following display:

It is also possible to upload images and video directly to assignments, but use of this feature is limited to small file sizes due to the cost of on-line storage.  The above method is much simpler. 

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