Author Topic: How Do I View Assignment Averages or Class Averages?  (Read 1817 times)


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How Do I View Assignment Averages or Class Averages?
« on: October 13, 2015, 11:30:41 AM »
Simplegradebook pro teachers can view class averages for percentage and letter grade classes.  A checkbox has been added at the bottom of the gradebook spreadsheet. Checking the box will result in both overall class and assignment averages being displayed.

Class and assignment averages are NOT updated when a new grade is entered.  If you want to see updated averages, refresh the page.

Averages are calculated as follows:
1) excused assignment grades (for example, ABS, or blank) are not included in the average
2) grades of NHI, DNW or INC are calculated as zero
3) performance scale grades (ME etc.) are not included in the calculations

Parents and students are not able to view class or assignment averages.  Simplegradebook/Newcastle Technologies recommends that teachers use caution when clicking the averages checkbox to make sure that they are not accidentally shown to students, for example if the gradebook is being displayed on a display projector.
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