Author Topic: How Are Overall Grades Determined for Performance Scale Classes?  (Read 4160 times)


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When classes are graded on a performance scale, such as "Proficient", or "Developing", simplegradebook determines the overall grade by looking at how many assessments are graded as Proficient for the student in the class. 

Overall grades are determined as follows:
Extending - all assessments are graded "Proficient" and at least one is graded "Extending".
Proficient - either all assessments are graded "Proficient" or the number of assessments that are graded "Proficient" is at least the minimum percentage defined by the teacher.
Developing - 50% or more of assessments are graded "Developing" or higher.
Emerging - More than 50% of assessments are missing or graded "Emerging".

1) teachers can designate assignments as "practice" assignments which don't count towards the overall grade.
2) simplegradebook enables teachers to use different language to express the same ideas as the above, so you may see different wording
3) teachers can override the overall grade that simplegradebook determines, so there may be exceptions to the above rules.
4) More information on the British Columbia Performance Standards can be found here:  BC Student Reporting Policy
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