Author Topic: How Do I Create or Join a School?  (Read 3149 times)


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How Do I Create or Join a School?
« on: March 02, 2014, 12:06:24 AM »
Schools can be created by teachers or administrators using the Schools link under the Profile menu item.  When the school is created a secret code is generated.  Simply share that code with other teachers and administrators and you will all be able to join the school.

If by accident two SimpleGradebook schools are created for the same school, just decide between all the educators which one you are going to use and share the code for that school.  Have everyone join that school.  Classes that were assigned to the wrong school can be reassigned to the new school.  Just use the Class Settings link for each class.

To join a school, just go to the Mysimplegradebook link on the menu, and click Schools, then Join a School.  Enter the secret code for the school (you can get this from any teacher already in the school).  If you have already created classes and want to use them in that school, click the Assign Classes to Schools button and assign your classes to the appropriate school.

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